Hi All.. I'm very new to the Wii community and is in need of some assistance with a somewhat bricked wii japan version. This wii is my brother-in-laws and he bricked it a while back playing a legit a game that he bought. I'm a curious person and like to tinker. So I thought I bring it over and see if I can fix it. Here's the problem:

1. Wii starts up fine
2. When going to the menu -> settings, it brings up an error message "You tried to access the address marc: jp/jn" something like that.. don't remember the rest. I was trying to find out what version of system menu it was on, but no luck since the error message keep popping up.
3. It also won't play any games anymore

What I'm trying to do is the following:
1. Get it playing games again
2. Change the systems menu to a US version so that it's all in english. Currently it's all japanese.

Now I've done some search, but it only gets more confusing the more research I do on it. So now I'm turning to the Wiihack community in hopes of getting some assistance and clarification on what to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!