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Thread: USB Loader games - are they hackable?

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    USB Loader games - are they hackable?

    I have Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn on USB Loader. I paid another person to install USB Loader and Homebrew on my Wii a few years ago when that method just came out (thus the reason why I paid him to do it). I think he used the "Zelda Twilight Princess" hack, though I'm not exactly sure how that really worked. Is it possible to hack this game? Specifically all I want is to increase the stat growth rate of all characters in the game. I did a bit of searching and the results all led me to hacking Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn on Dolphin emulator for PC.
    Any help or linking me to guides would be great.

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    I've heard of something called 'ocarina', it allows codes to be run on the wii for whatever game. How can I put this? It's like an action replay but for the wii. You put the cheat codes in ocarina and enable them when the game is running. I found this, Gecko OS -> Gecko OS - WiiBrew
    That can be downloaded from the homebrew browser or you can download from the website and put it on whatever external device holds your homebrew stuff.
    Wiicm - WiiBrew -> that is another one I found that helps you manage codes. I haven't tried using codes for that game you have, but I have made codes work for my animal crossing game. Good luck.

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