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Thread: Playing Wii Store Backups from last Wii: Options?

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    Playing Wii Store Backups from last Wii: Options?

    System: Unmodified 4.3U

    PROBLEM: Have 2G SD card with Wii Store purchases from last Wii; cannot play on new Wii.
    QUESTION: Will Homebrew Channel or another app load my old purchases on the new Wii after I softmod the system?

    So, funny story: Some guys at Gamestop are bad. I was low on cash a while back and had to sell my Wii to Gamestop as I needed money now, as opposed to later. However, I was hesitant to resell my console as I was under the impression that, even if you had registered Wii Store purchases with your Nintendo web account, downloads were hardware-specific (I was correct. What an awful system). However, after asking the clerk behind the desk if I could re-download my old purchases on a new console if I contacted customer support...

    His answer was: "Absolutely!"

    Cool, I said. This was important, as I had somewhere around $400 in Wii store purchases. I bought a 2 gig stick, backed up all my purchases, and sold my system.

    Fast forward to yesterday's Wii purchase where, surprise! I threw the card in the system, tried to load the games and was told I couldn't. Makes sense, to keep people from making a backup and spreading said backup between consoles. The bite in the ass came when I called up customer support and was told that there was NO way to attach previous purchases to a new system.

    $&(#. SO, I'm looking to possibly mod the system in order to be able to play my old games once again... As the ONLY reason I'm modding the system is to have access to my old games again, my question is... Is there an app for that? I've got a good understanding of what I have to do and get to put The Homebrew Channel on the system if there is, but if there's not a way to play my Wii Store backup purchases, I'm not even going to bother modding the system, I'll just start over, slowly, from scratch. That's just a lot of money down the hole for some bad advice from someone who's supposed to be looking to do more than boost their trade-in count.

    So, yeah. Is there a way to do that? I see a LOT of "This is how you play burned games!" stuff, but almost nothing on Wii Store backups. Help is appreciated, guys. Thanks for reading.

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    WiiWare titles can be installed on modded system, however, I'm not sure about Virtual Console games. What's the breakdown of your Nintendo Store purchases? $400 is a LOT of purchases,

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    I have a good chunk of the N64 offerings, maybe a couple dozen SNES games and dozens and dozens of NES/TG16 games. When my Wii would get full, I'd uninstall a few channels to make room for the new stuff because I knew I could download it later after making space for it should I feel the need. Obviously this isn't the case when you're dealing with a new console.

    To make a long story short, and update a bit, I've went ahead and installed the Homebrew Channel (v58), and am trying to install cIOS222, but it's saying it has to use a lower version as a base for the install... and when it starts to try pulling files off the SD card, it can't find them. I'm just trying to figure out what I need to slide in the iOS folder to get the cIOS installer to kick off, and then I should pretty much be done accomplishing what I wanted to.

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    Very cool! Keep us updated.


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