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Thread: Softmodded Wii with FW4.3U asking to update?

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    Softmodded Wii with FW4.3U asking to update?

    Hello i have a question about my mod.. I recently modded my moms wii, its softmodded and already updated to 4.3U however now when i put in WiiFit Plus it ask to update, says if theres a mod it will be removed blah blah blah, i figured since i was already at the newest FW that there was no worrie, is it possible that one of the Cios's i have installed made it ti where it thinks it needs to update, i have only tried with this game.. But is there a way to permo by pass this, for now i used Gecko's OS loader so she could play the game.. Any ideads??

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    Please install Priiloader and enable update block hacks. Follow hack any wii guide by Mauifrog

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    I had the same exact problem with the same game and everything. How strange. Other users here also suggested priiloader to stop the wii from updating. I hope it works for you.


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