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Thread: Wireless from PC to Wii not functioning, but Wii can connect to internet

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    Wireless from PC to Wii not functioning, but Wii can connect to internet

    I hope it's okay this isn't in the newbie forum; even though this is my first post, I've had a hacked wii for several years now.

    When I recently started up my wii and tried to send a fire to it using the latest TransmitMii, however, TransmitMii wouldn't work. It said that it didn't get a response, the same error I got if my Wii was off. I loaded up FTPii and WiiXplorer's FTP functions, and I got the same result--my PC cannot seem to locate my Wii. Note that I'm saying "cannot locate". Most threads I could find had FTPii randomly disconnecting people, but this is different--it can't connect to begin with, and it always gives a "timed out" or "could not locate" sort of error. The above programs don't give any error message--FTPii continues running as if I never even tried to connect to it. However, in spite of all this, my Wii's internet channel works fine. The Homebrew Channel gives it's usual "wifi" icon in the bottom right showing that it IS connected to my network. I've made sure to always type in the IP correctly, and made sure that my router does in fact see the Wii. It's not my PC either--I can connect to other FTP locations just fine, both over LAN and internet.
    I'm using the latest (1.1.0) Homebrew Channel, FTPii, and WiiXplorer. HC is running IOS58. I used the latest (1.3) TransmitMii, as well. I'm running system menu 4.0U.

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    Going to bump this if that's okay!

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    Pretty sure it's my router, even though I can connect to my laptop from my desktop just fine. As a workaround, I portforwarded FTP to my wii, and tried accessing my external IP, which worked. Not ideal, but at this point I don't care.
    Hope this helps anyone else with the problem!


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