I ordered a new classic controller, so today I was looking through different emulators to run on the homebrew channel with it that were too awkward to control with the wiimote. So I installed a genplus, DesMume, Wii64 and WiiSX emulator and threw some roms into their files. I booted up my wii, and went to the homebrew channel and booted up the psx emulator, WiiSX, and booted up a Metal Slug rom I downloaded on Cool Roms. The screen went completely black. I restarted my wii, and it started fine. I booted Homebrew Channel and I got a black screen and the message "The Wii System Files have been corrupted. Please refer to the Wii system guide for help." and I flipped out and restarted the wii, since I knew that was a brick message. Then the system menu worked fine. I was way too scared to actually load the homebrew channel again, so I shut off the wii.
Is it safe to boot homebrew channel to see if it happens again? Should I update the softmod? (it's been about a year) Should I use a back up? Should I delete WiiSX from the SD card?

When I softmodded my wii, I followed this guide exactly:
I have backups on my laptop.