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Thread: Skipped nand backup during mod

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    Hi everyone...i want to say awesome tutorial. I tried for three days on another tutorial and did in 5 hours with question is this: I skipped the nand backup during my mod. I know...I know...however...everything works just fine..I was just wondering if it is too late to make that backup now and can i just do that step to get it if I can? Thank you again for the awesome guide

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    Ahhh yes, similar story. I had a friend who modded his Wii from another guide, not found here, and had ZERO problems. I tried it and after about 3 weeks and much deliberation on buying a new Wii, found this place and settled in quite nicely. Today, my Wii is running like my 1993 Suburban... great!

    One of the major things that I did (or never knew to do) was install Priiloader and take a NAND backup. So I did it when I re-modded my Wii via the Softmode Any Wii guide.

    Basically, you can take a NAND backup at any time, but it's best to do it before you start any major hacking. That way, if something goes awry during the hacking process then you can just boot into BootMii and reload your backed up NAND; insures that element of protection. But you can take the backup at anytime, and I highly recommend doing it immediately if not sooner!


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    thank you babydaddy

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    will i do it the same method as the guide tells you? but just that one part right? going into hbc, etc and getting the backup on the same sd card that's running my wii yes? i know...don't reformat my sd card...heehee

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    Yeah, just get into BootMii and run the backup. I'm not sure how you get into BootMii as it'll be different for the boot2 install vs the IOS install. (IOS Install uses Homebrew Channel to launch BootMii, whereas the boot2 install doesn't).


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