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Thread: problem with my wii

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    Unhappy problem with my wii

    problem with my wii is that i can play games from HDD

    but it never gonna run any disc i put in..dvds..backup games..copies..whatever..

    i m on 4.0u..and i somehow remembered that the seller told me its normal that u run from HDD and i gonna sacrifice running on discs..

    is it really like that because i did googling myself and i did know that softmod can easily do both on HDD and discs together..

    please advise what am i gonna do to get those

    thanks in advance! ^^

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    Newer wiis won't play backup discs. That is wiis dated from the start of 2009

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    I bought a black Wii when they first came out and had this problem. What I did was I bought a Wii DVD Rom from an old white Wii off ebay and then took the board and chipset off of it. I then had to solder it to the black wii's DVD rom. I was very careful and nervous when doing this as I wasn't entirely sure that it would work.

    Luckily it worked and now my black Wii plays backup DVD's. Thats always an option for you. It's easier done than I've said


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