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Thread: Nintendo DS help, please.?

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    Nintendo DS help, please.?

    When I bought the new Nintendo DS Lite, I also bought a game with it. When I looked at the game, it felt and looked bigger than the game for the original DS. Now, I wanted to ask someone if the game for the DS and the DS Lite are the exact same size and shape. I would really appreciate an answer, not a comment. If it's a comment that may help, that is acceptable.

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    it is the same

    my friend said that too

    o o


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    The game cartridges are for both DS and DS Lite. The DS and DS Lite are essentially the same system but in different sizes.

    Nicki (First person to answer) is completely wrong. That would be a horrible marketing ploy for Nintendo to have 2 DSes out with different formats. I have the old DS as all my accessories are for as the old DS, and I have bought new DS games, so I know they all work.

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    Games for the DS are exactly the same as games for the DS lite in every way. Same size, same shape, same everything.

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    the ds light is lighter and has beter sreens and you can talk to people on the ds light

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    the games they play are exactly the same

    the differences between the actual systems are:

    lite is weighs less

    lite has five brightness settings for the screen as opposed to one

    lite's battery lasts much longer, and can be recharged more times before it dies for good

    the power switch is on the side as opposed to above the d-pad (this caused a lot of accidental shutting down on original ds)

    the colors it is available in are different

    lite is slimmer, less wide and less tall

    the range on the wireless is better on the lite

    i think thats about it

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    The games for the DS are the SAME size. THe only difference is the system, in which case the LITE is smaller.

    Obviously the GBA games are bigger because they are a different system..but the DS games are the same size.


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