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Thread: Help with restoring system menu.

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    Help with restoring system menu.

    EDIT: After much more digging I realized i could just change the boot.dol in the download I already had. System menu restored and working fine. Now time to fully update the softmod.

    About 6 months or so back I made a mistake updating my softmod. I used files intended for a different system menu version, can't remember exactly though.
    Afterwards the Wii would not detect my SD card or HDD and then unsynced the wiimotes and I cannot get them to resync, gamecube controller also does not work.

    I have Bootmii installed as boot2 and it recognizes the SD card before system menu loads.
    (I no longer have a NAND backup as it said it was not for this console even though it was and now cant find it).

    I have managed to get my hands on a Wad manager that boots straight into it when the Wii is turned on but it does no support Gamecube controller input and wiimotes won't sync.
    Cannot seem to find a working link for something similar that supports GC controllers and unsure on how to get into a Wad manager any other way.

    Any help or links to appropriate files would be very appreciated.
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    can you get into hbc?
    or do you have priiloader installed?

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    Thankyou for your reply, however I have fixed my Wii.
    Main problem was SD slot not being recognized by anything other than Bootmii. Wiimotes also wouldn't sync so I really couldn't do much.
    Ended up using cboot2 + Wad manager from the brick guide with a different boot.dol that supported GC controllers as the other download link was broken.


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