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    Forgive me if the answer to this question is obvious - but I am trying to figure out a way to use headphones with the wii. To be clear I am not talking about headset chat or anything like that. All I want is audio out (without having to unplug the cables from my tv and use an adaptor). Ideally I am looking for someone to tell me that USB headphones will plug into the wii and work as game audio (not CHAT) out. 3 things to note - 1. my tv does not have an audio out (thanks vizio) and 2. my wii is softmodded using the mod ANY wii guide (if that matters). 3. I do not own a pair of USB headphones and am considering purchasing them which is why I am asking as opposed to just testing it out. Thanks!

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    Pretty sure it's not possible unless you use an adapter of some sort to hook your avi cables up to.

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    I have a good pair from intex and working nicely with good features for me. Its sound and bias is good to give me better sound effects all the time..


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