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Thread: Configurable USB Loader doesn't read my drive.

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    Configurable USB Loader doesn't read my drive.

    Okay, so I recently soft modded my Wii with ModMii's newest version with it's fix. I got all the files, and installed as recommended. I also formatted my 8GB Thumb Drive with GUI Formatter in Fat32. When Configurable USB Loader starts, it says it cannot read the drive. I take out the drive and it acts as if nothing is plugged into the port. So it knows something is there, just not something that it can read. Currently there is one WBFS file on there and nothing else. I have the 249 IOS selected and USB HDD option selected. I have not tried selecting another IOS because I thought I read somewhere that 249 was it's preferred setting. I am running 4.3U (again as recommended) and the newest HBC.

    Edit: On another note I did select to have it create another file for my USB and it didn't. I figured it was normal, maybe this isn't the case?
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