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Thread: regarding Hackmii installer and wiimote plus

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    regarding Hackmii installer and wiimote plus

    hi there every one

    i bought a new white wii mario kart bundle , my remote model is ( rvl-036 ) as written on its bottom side , will it work with the hackmii installer or iam screwed ? thanks in advance

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    The newest hackmii installer works with all Wii remotes. To do a proper mod you should follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide.

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    thank you very much cjizzle , i followed the guide , the wiimote worked like a charm !! , i followed the guide up to the very last step , and iam now playing wii sports resort off a usb drive , ..

    the problem is i forget to install bootmii , at th hackmii step i installed the homebrew channel and i didn't install bootmii .

    what can i do now and can i install it after i have done all of this and followed the guide up to the very last ? and is it so important to me regarding that my wii is new and bootmii can't be installed as boot2 ?

    thanks very much for ur help

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    Just start hackmii installer again and install bootmii
    Do not forget to make nand backup and again do not forgot to install priiloader
    It's for your safe only


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