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Thread: USB Loader GX issues.

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    USB Loader GX issues.


    I'm new to Wii hacking so please bare with me. I've installed Homebrew channel, Priiloader, USB Loader GX 3.1, and several of the slot's that need installed (249, 250) ect, and a ton of wads that the guide described (Homebrew setup - WiiBrew) I also used LetterBomb from a SD card.

    I'm loading my games onto a USB Stick (16gb) using WBFS Manager 3.0

    I am having 2 issues.
    -One is that some of the games (specifically Mario Kart) does not save progress.

    -Two is that a lot of my games are coming in at the wrong aspect ratio (I think). Some games are just normal size on my screen, and others are about 80% on the screen with the remaining 20% below the screen, not to the right or left. I have tried forcing the aspect ratio as well. I am using the SD cables (red, yellow, and white)

    Any more info can be provided and thank you in advance for anyone who is willing to help =D

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    - After reading a few others posts I found that forcing 480p NTSC under the Video Mode option fixed my aspect ratio problem. Now I just need halp with the Saved game issue =).

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    IIRC there is an option about saving games to emulated nand. If you arent running an emulated nand, make sure that option is disabled.

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