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    Is there a way to adjust settings? as some backup's work and some dont,when i eject the disc it says insert "backup name"
    So i am assuming it is reading the disc ?
    Any help would be great

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    Are they all burned on the same type of dvds? What version of neogamma are you using? What guide did you use to mod?

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    im using the same dvd-r, and gamma version r9 beta 56 and the mod is taken from here.Ive tried nero and img burn all done at the correct speeds.

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    super mario bros is not, just tried mario sonic 2012 plays the start, loads then stops as the game is about to load ?
    so i must be burning them right ?

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    I have tried that, just comes up with the message the disc could not be read ?
    would it make a difference the wifi is connected ?
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