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Thread: 4.3u wii, with Black screen. please help.

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    4.3u wii, with Black screen. please help.

    Hi sorry, I was reading through the forum and I know there are a lot of these issues, but I can't make much sense of them. I'm a serious noob.

    I used this site to install homebrew for my wii. I think it was 4.3u at the time but it might have been 4.2u. I used Letterbomb. so I think I have bootmii installed...
    I wanted to try backing up games recently,cus they get scratched badly by the kids, and was told to try getting usb loader. but the homebrew channel wouldn't work. the disk thingy would just flash blue and it would lock up.
    So my BF decided to look at youtube videos. I told him to just leave it and research it. no rush. but....... he decided to downgrade the system menu to 4.2u or 4.1u and the screen went black. It flashes once, but that's it. now he's all depressed and saying he's sorry, he's made it so I have to buy a new wii.... grrrr.

    Is there anyway at all to save it? can I use priiloader if it wasn't already installed? I don't have a Gamecube controller.

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    If you never installed Priiloader , then No.
    Seeing how your wii only flashes Once, this means your wii does not have the Vulnerable Boot1= No Boot2 .

    If you get a GC controller, you would be able to try the SaveMii Free, by holding down on the four points of the D-Pad.(You Have To Open it Up.)
    If that does work it will show your system menu version in the right lower corner of the T.V.

    Did you or your friend back-up your nand from the wii?
    If you or him did back up the nand/keys you will need to send to a nand programmer.

    Tell your friend Never, Ever, Ever, Listen to those Failtube Video's.

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    Thank you so much for your help. No he didn't back anything up (and he's a tech!) I'll try the gamecube controller fix. If it doesn't work... I guess I'll have to get a new one. I'll chalk it up to a lesson learned lol. Don't get distracted by pintrest when wii is in danger lol.


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