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Thread: GC Multi Disc Problem

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    GC Multi Disc Problem

    Hey guys, I followed this guide word for word to back up multiple gamecube discs on one dvd. It worked for me before using the same type of dvd and burning RE0 Disc 1 + Disc 2.
    I am using Neogamma Release 9 Beta 47. For RE0 I just click Launch Game on DVD and it allows me to select Disc 1 or 2. It also works for my backed up copy of Paper Mario, launches and plays the game.

    For my multi disc game, Super Mario Sunshine, Yu-Gi-Oh Falsebound Kingdom and Zelda Collectors Edition (All NTSC) I select Launch Game on DVD, it says Init Drive... and launches the game.
    Then THIS appears followed by THIS which doesnt do anything. I hit Boot DVD it looks as if it trys to load something and goes back to the same menu with Boot DVD and Credits.
    I have also backed up my copy of Resident Evil 2 and neogamma seems to load it and launch it but all I get is a blank screen once it has 'launched' it.
    I am using NeoGamma R9 b47, IOS249 (Rev 21007).

    Thanks very much guys, I hope it is only something small

    Edit, also a very small general problem.
    I have a 4MB Action Replay Max gamecube memory card that I would really love to use but it doesnt work, it keeps telling me it needs to be formatted and games cannot create saves on it. Any ideas?
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    I am starting to think the problem occurs only when I use the shrink method. So far everything seems to be working on a multi disc when I dont shrink them. Can anyone back this up?


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