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Thread: Impossible question?

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    Wink Impossible question?

    Hey guys, I have sifted all over google and looked at many homebrew websites but not found answer to this seemingly simple problem.

    I bricked my wii by trying to add a theme through homebrew and now I am using bootmii as boot2 to restore my nand. I am running 4.3u but whenever the simulation finishes and asks me to press start (reset) to continue with the real backup, it takes me back to the bootmii menu. I am still able to access the homebrew channel through priiloader.

    Any help would be much appreciated, as this is not my wii.

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    All you need to do is install a different (working) theme. It will overwrite the bad one.
    You don't need to restore your backup
    Or you can use a program like "dopmii" to install the official 4.3 theme back again


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