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Thread: Download Windows 8 Final Version

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    Download Windows 8 Final Version

    After nearly a year of pre-beta and beta testing, the final build for Windows 8 is now available. What started off as a raw build in the form of the Windows 8 Developer’s Preview was later upgraded to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta), followed by the Release Preview and now the final build has been made available on download on a 90-Day Trial Period basis. You can download this build from the links given at the end of this post.

    The Windows 8 team has begun releasing the Windows 8 to OEM and manufacturing partners. In other words, the next milestone will be the availability of PCs loaded with the latest Windows operating system by October 26, 2012.

    New Features

    The new version of Windows 8 has come with a number of changes including search support within the apps store, a new Bing app, personalization tattoos for the Metro interface, new interface for the People app and sadly, the removal of the Aero glass effect.

    Before downloading the final Windows 8 build, it is advised to first check out the Windows 8 System Requirements.
    Windows 8 Enterprise 90-day evaluation is available for both common users and developers (to help them build and test Windows 8 apps). You can download both versions from the links given below.

    Download Windows 8 [For Common Users]
    Download Windows 8 [For Developers]
    Download Windows 8 [Alternative Mirror Link]


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    I'll probably switch once it's fully released. Thanks for the read Pob!

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    ill be sticking to 7. If you think about it, 8 is a TABLET os. i tried it out, i dont like gui, like cfg. nuf sed


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