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Thread: I broke it

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    I broke it

    I have a Wii that was hacked by a "friend." My girls rented a game from red box and when they played it, it made them update the Wii. Now it wont recognize the HDD that i have hooked up to it. This "friend" refuses to help. All i can figure out by reading through the forum is that i need to reload some things but i don't have anything to reload because i didn't load them in the first place.

    Please help

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    The update they accepted wiped out your mod. Follow the softmod any wii guide linked in my signature to fix it. Your "friend" should have installed priiloader for you to prevent anyone from updating your wii. The guide will have you do that.

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    yeah and good luck,i know how it feels to have a messed up wii i been there bro.


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