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Thread: Error Opening Directory & Error Creating File

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    Error Opening Directory & Error Creating File

    Update: I seem to have solved it by first manually going into the XML and deleting the path to the save/load, then I got an error in in snes9xgx, then I clicked reset settings and all is well.

    Hey everyone, just got a Wii so bear with me.
    I'm on the latest firmware and am running Snes9XGX 4.3.1. I configured it to read games off my network share which works well (for the most part, had to organize all my roms into alphabetical order to fit them all on the screen, some limitation of the emulator I discovered). But a more pressing issue is the inability to save, is it because I'm running over the network?

    ie: I beat world 1 of super mario world. I press the Home button on the Wiimote, click Save. I am greeted with, "Error opening directory!" So I hit cancel, and I'm presented with "Save Game" with two options, New SRAM and New Snapshot. I hit "New SRAM" and it says "Saving..." then "Error creating the file!" I hit cancel and I get "Error opening directory" again. So I hit cancel. I do some Googling and they say you must have this specific structure on your SD card. Well, mine is fine (according to others):




    Capitalization is correct, my snes9xgx is outside the root. Here's my settings.xml file below if someone wishes to see. The roms I am loading off a Windows 7 PC's samba share with permissions set for Everyone and full access (meaning read+write). IP of and the correct ROMs path and everything. Also, my SD card has the lock switch taped back so it can never lock (PC SD reader pushes the lock switch on so I had to tape it :P)
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    I'm having a similar issue and haven't been able to find a solution on the forum. I'm loading and saving
    to a SD card and the files are set up correctly (emulator in apps, roms/saves on the root). But when I
    go to save I get a 'error directory can't be found' message and sometimes this happens when I go back
    to my roms list. Would anyone have a solution?


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    I have had the exact same problem that RobotsvsGodzilla is having. I have the folders set up on my wii properly, and I can load one ROM from the SNES9xGX menu just fine. But trying to save state gives me an "Error opening directory!" error, as does trying to load another ROM (I have to quit the emulator and load it back up again). It changes the Load Folder for games to snes9xgx/ instead of snes9xgx/roms, and I can't navigate to the ROMs folder.

    using snes9xgx 4.2.8 if that helps, and also my SD card that I use is a microSD card with an SD card adapter, if that means anything.

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    Hey I resolved the problem by removing the SD card transferring all the data to a USB and using that. It wouldn't work when I moved it to other SD cards for some reason. It's working now though so that's all that matters.


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