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Thread: Help with the wii fit board

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    Help with the wii fit board

    Hi all iv modded my wii using the twilight hack as i was on 3.3e i downgraded to 3.2e and all went well installed djtaz_gamma_loader.wad to play my backups.Right before i done all this my wii fit board was working fine and i just turned the wii on and thought il go on it and the light on the front off the board just flashes like 2 times then goes off.I tryed syncing it wont work i even tryed diffrent batterys still does the same can anyone help me plz

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    no worrys all i found and fixed the prob

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    Maybe you could post what the problem/repair was............. just n case anyone else has the same fault ??

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    it just had to be re synced and it just took a little longer than normall


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