I have a Western Digital 2TB My Book USB hard drive. My problem is it seems like for whatever reason if my hard drive starts up when i turn on my Wii then the hard drive won't work when I load up USB Loader GX. But if i unplug my hard drive and don't plug it in until after I load USB Loader GX then it works every time. I have searched everywhere for a fix but cannot find one. So i had a thought and please tell me if this can be done. Is there a way to disable one of the USB ports so it doesn't turn on my hard drive when I start my Wii but then become enabled again when I load up USB Loader so it will start my hard drive then? Or does anyone have any other suggestions for me so I don't have to unplug and reconnect my hard drive every time i want to use it. Or can anyone recommend me a 2 or 3 tb hard drive that works flawlessly with the Wii. Thanks.