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Thread: Usb loader 3, wont let me run gc games from usb

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    Usb loader 3, wont let me run gc games from usb


    for some reason, im not sure why, my usb loader gx 3.0 wont let me run gamecube games from usb, instead it says "The game is on USB" Do you want to copy the game to sd or delete a game on sd" the options i can click are "Copy" "Show SD" and "Cancel" so the run from usb option has gone missing. Any Ideas???

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    To play games from usb you need to use DIOS MIOS not DIOS MIOS Lite.

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    i have dios mios 2.1 installed, so im not sure what the problem is

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    Try Loading the usb loader gx through HBC.
    Make sure your Forwarder Channel is up to date.
    Try another loader to see if it gives you the same out come.
    Try the latest Dios Mios as well.
    Try loading GC games with The DM Booter.
    It also would serve you better if you have a look through the Dios Mios Guide for an answer, as I am sure this question has been asked before.


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