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Thread: Original Nintendo help.... please..?

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    Original Nintendo help.... please..?

    Okay, We just got an original Nintendo from a guy on ebay, when we turn it on, the power light blinks off and on. My brother's gotten it to turn on a few times, but then he turns it back off and it dont work again. Our old Nintendo did this too. What's wrong with it and how do i fix it?

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    what is the original nintendo... tell me and im pretty sure i can answer your question.

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    call 1-800-255-3700 Thats nintendo's toll-free Number they should help you out their.

    P.S i recommend playing the Final fantasy and Super mario 2..

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    I always slid the game in until it just barely allows you to lower it down, and then slid another game on top of it to keep it down...and it usually worked.

    When that didn't work, a game shark cheat code accessory usually did work.

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    "tell me why.... that kinda stuff you throw away.... I'll buy it on ebay......"

    LOL! i love this song. connect the system properly.

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    I think this was one of the eternal problems with the original Nintendo system. I'd love to play some of those old games!

    All I can suggest is some of the old voodoo crap we tried as kids. Blow the cartridge. Blow into the console. Stick something in to hold the game into just the right position inside the game console. Cuss. Press the game up and down repeatedly. Hit the thing. etc. etc.

    This is a common, common nintendo problem with those old machines

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    Easy, first you just blow in the game really hard

    hit the nintendo a couple of times

    ya know

    blow in the nintendo

    or you can get a wet q-tip and dry it off with the other side


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