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Thread: Wii Bricked Black Screen, question.

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    Wii Bricked Black Screen, question.

    Im pretty sure the Wii i have been trying to hack has been Bricked Completely, however nothing out of the ordinary happened previously with others i've hacked and i used the exact same method as before. The System Menu was downgraded from 4.3 to 4.1 using WiiMod and the NUS option, the downgrade was completed and i exited to system menu, then the screen went black and stayed that way. Now when i boot up the screen remains black, the CD draw light flashes then goes off as normal, the CD inside spins and checks but nothing seems to be working otherwise.

    I had installed Homebrew and Bootmii via IOS as Boot2 was an option, I didnt have a chance to install Priiloader or Preloader.

    I have a previous NAND Backup on my PC from a previously backed up Wii i hacked before, just wondering if there was anyway to transfer that NAND Backup into the one thats Bricked. Or if there is any other method i can try other than sending it to Nintendo.

    This Wii is also Chipped with a Wasabi DX Chip. If this helps my situation any.

    Edit: Not sure how or if i can edit the original thread as i cannot see an option for it.

    .. Boot2 wasnt an option [made a mistake]
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