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Thread: Downgrade to 3.2 Genesis emulator DID work

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    Downgrade to 3.2 Genesis emulator DID work

    I successfully downgraded my D2Pro modded wii to 3.2E and the Sega genesis emulator was working last week.

    This week (not having changed anything consciously) the emulator has stopped working?!?! Firmware still says 3.2. Patchmii and DVDx is still installed using option 2.

    The emulator DVD is recognised and after clicking on it is asks what I want to do (it has a list of options). If I choose 'load a new game' from 'DVD' it loads the DVD but at this point the screen goes black and it freezes?

    Any ideas on what the problem could be? Could my wii have been automatically upgraded/updated by being connected to the net (it still says firmware 3.2 but could something else have been downloaded on it?)

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    Still haven't sorted this problem.

    Any ideas on how to overcome this?

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