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Thread: MW3 Loading From Port 1 USB Loader GX

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    MW3 Loading From Port 1 USB Loader GX

    Recently I figured out that you can load your USB via Port 1. Only problem that I've run into are Black ops and MW3 wont load even when I change the IOS to 224, 249, and 250.

    It's loaded the most only on "Use Global" which is -1.

    Can anyone help me out?

    If that isn't enough detail then tell me what else you would like to know.

    I'm using port 1, because port 0 is broken and both of these games worked fine under all of the past named IOS.

    PS. Port 0 was used under CFG not USB Loader GX

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    Just follow this guide.
    Problem with USB 0 prot is big problem, because USB 1 has less power than USB 0 (i don't know why but that's the way of big N).

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    Ok I'll try it

    EDIT: Didn't work
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