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Thread: Bad storm/power surge might have killed my wii. Help please, more details in..

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    Bad storm/power surge might have killed my wii. Help please, more details in..

    First off, I know the trick about unplugging all together, waiting, and replugging... been there, done that.

    The storm was bad enough that it killed our flat screen tv, and cable box. Wii was on the same power cord (unprotected....STUPID mistake!

    So I completely unplugged my wii, took it to a different outlet and plugged the power into the outlet, then into the wii (several minutes have passed by now) and the light is red. (Ok, I can work with that, it may still work......nope) push the power button and it turns orange for about a second, then goes off.
    My boys are soo sad.

    Need opinions, does it sound like my wii is toast, or could it just be the power cable?

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    Well, in theory a power adapter is going to take 115 VAC and convert it into (I think) 24 VDC. A voltage spike on the input side shouldn't translate into a voltage spike on the output side, just damage to the power converter / power supply. However, the amount of electricity that it takes to convert air from an insulator into a conductor is massive, and at those levels, electricity is quite unpredictable. What makes me worried, is that the lights are coming on, so you are getting voltage through the supply, which makes me think that the Wii may have suffered damage. However, the power supply may be outputting the proper voltage just not enough current (which, is also bad). Too much current is fine, because a device will only use what it needs, however, not enough current is bad because it can cause internal components to react differently than expected and can cause failure of electrical components. It could also be outputting a different voltage now, which is also bad.

    In short, it could be the Wii, or it could be only the power supply. Without a new supply to test, you'll not quite be able to deduce this for certain. Do you have a friend that you can borrow a power supply from?

    EDIT: It has recently come to my attention that the Wii will do exactly what you are experiencing if the fan has failed, there is too much of a power draw through the USB ports, or there are conflicting bluetooth devices. Check to see if the fan spins when you turn the Wii on.
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