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Thread: Game will only launch via Gecko and not from anywhere else. Help?

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    Game will only launch via Gecko and not from anywhere else. Help?


    I recently soft modified (soft-modded) my 4.3 Wii using HackMii to install BootMii and The Homebrew Channel. Afterwards, I installed ISO236, via The Homebrew Channel. Then, I installed Gecko (version, WAD Manager 1.7, NeoGamma (R8 Beta 15), and DarkCorp 1.1. I also have installed the required cISOs for everything I installed, 56/249 and 57/250. I later deleted NeoGamma (R8 Beta 15) and installed NeoGamma (R8 RC3).

    Now, onto the actual problem...

    I tried (and successfully) burned an ISO file with ImgBurn I had for Pokemon Battle Revolution. However, when I tried to play the game from the Disc Channel it did not work. When I tried to play the game from
    NeoGamma (R8 RC3), it did not work. Finally I resorted to Gecko, and after fiddling with some settings the game worked properly from Gecko's game launcher. I have other copied games which I own that a friend burned for me, they work with the Disc Channel, NeoGamma, and Gecko.

    So my question is, how can I get it (the game) to work with the Disc Channel and NeoGamma like my other games? I don't want to use Gecko everytime I want to play this game, as I installed DarkCorp and NeoGamma. Have I burned the disks in a wrong way (I tried twice) and as a result cannot be read properly?

    Also, whenever the disc (Pokemon Battle Revolution) is in the gameslot/dvd drive, every channel I attempt to open results in a solid black screen. I am beginning to think the burn was bad, but then again it works with Gecko...

    I'm new to modifiying and all this stuff so please try to be as clear as you can when posting and explaining.

    Thanks for reading and helping!
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