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Thread: Problems loading Gamecube roms on Usb Loader gx

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    Problems loading Gamecube roms on Usb Loader gx

    Hello, I was wondering if somebody could help me with this, because I've been searching for a while now, and I haven't found a answer yet. I have a white wii, system 4.3U, and I had a older version of usb loader gx. With it I could play gamecube games via sd card, but whenever I tried to load a Gamecube game from my usb drive, it would load the game inside the wii instead. I thought this might have been because I had a older version, so I updated USB Loader GX to version 1201. Now though, it seems to have taken a step backwards. The sd games load the gamecube game inside the wii instead of the actual rom, and now the attempts with the USB do not even load the GC loader screen, instead staying on a black screen indefinitely.

    Could anybody give me a list of what things I need to have installed (cios, wads, etc) in order to make it so I can play gamecube games on USB Loader again? I would prefer if my USB portable hard drive could successfully load the games, but if that's impossible, loading the games off the SD card will work too.

    I have tried both DML version 1.5 and Dios Mios version 2.2, if that's useful

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    Ok bud, here's the deal. You're going to want to restart ALMOST from the beginning... Here are the steps:
    1) Check out this guide.
    a) The listing entails files individually throughout the document such as
    - Wii MOD 58-61
    - etc
    2) Assuming you have a working HBC [Homebrew Channel], start from: Chapter 1-Installing The HomeBrew Channel and Bootmii, subtitle "Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed"
    2) Follow it very very closely, it will update and overwrite any existing wads you may currently have that need be updated
    3) Follow this guide. It will get you BACK to using at least your sd card running GC ISOs again.
    4) If you wish to continue [I never made it this far] check out this guide.

    These guides I've followed until step #3. My USB stores my GC Isos [compressed and non-compressed], and I simply use WiiXplorer to handle the moving of files if a computer is not available. My gamecube ISOs work fine (minus some long loading times).
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    I appreciate the help, but unfortunately it didn't work. The SD card still loads the game inside the wii instead of the one I chose

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    the same thing happened to me, what i did is that i installed the newest DML dios mio lite, and try the no disc mode, and see if that works, cause it did for me


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