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Thread: Wii won't start!?

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    Wii won't start!?

    Not sure if this is softmod related.. but strange nevertheless. This is my last attempt before throwing my Wii in the garbage. My Wii simply won't start: when i connect the AC cord, the light is red. When I press power, it quickly turns green, the cd tray blinks blue and then everything shuts down. Same thing happens with the Eject button. Once it shuts down, I need to disconnect and reconnect the AC cord so the red light shows back up. I tried with another - working - AC cord and same thing happenned. I also tried disconnecting all other wires from the Wii & TV and same thing again... Could this be related to a storm or some other electrical issue? My Wii was connected in a power surge and the other devices are still working fine. Could this have something to do with the small battery inside my Wii? (yes, i admit, i opened my wii up to see if something obvious seemed toasted).. i need some advise! Thanks!

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    Hmmm.... this started happening AFTER the power surge? Immediately afterwards? It sounds like it may be an electrical issue, either that or something is binding inside of the Wii (although I think the former generally generates an error on the screen).

    Do you have a video display when you try to turn the Wii on? Does the screen do anything (flash, flicker) or does it just stay black?

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    oops.. that's where my translation skills gets into the way. What I meant is that the Wii is always connected into a power bar (to protect against power surge). To answer your question: no nothing shows up on the TV screen, no blinking at all.

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    A couple of things that I found that could cause this...

    USB hubs or powered devices drawing through the USB ports (fans, hard drives, etc).
    The internal fan could have gone bad. Check to see if it's spinning when you power up.
    Bluetooth modules could possibly cause this as well. Cell phones, head sets, etc. Try powering it on in a location with NO wireless devices, if possible.

    I'm putting my money on the fan. Fans are common points of failure in any "computer" system.


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