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Thread: quick question abou hdd combatibility+problems

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    quick question abou hdd combatibility+problems

    ok im using an unbranded usb stick 16g all emulator work fine from it but when i try and run a game from cfg usb loader it just gets to the loading screen and freezez, have only just soft mod my wii with the guides from this site yesterday and when i only had one wbfs game on the stick it worked now i have 10+ and none work could this just be a stick issue or could it be something else?

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    208 views and no reply???? anyway it was the usb stick, switched to a 500g seagate and every thing works great

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    I was going to see if USB stick worked. So you used a HDD?

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    some sticks wil work just not the one i had, everything but backups worked off my stick, there is a list on here somwhere of all sticks/hdd/cards that work


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