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Thread: Cfg Loader: How to quickly switch devices

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    Question Cfg Loader: How to quickly switch devices

    Hi all!

    I'm a recent softmodder and have been slowly going through all of CFG Loader's options to allow for the most amount of flexibility without confusing the hell out of my girlfriend. I've hit a bit of a snag while attempting to explain to her how to browse our game collection. I've searched google and the forums until my brain hurt, but I can't seem to find a thread or answer on this issue specifically (I'm a little surprised it isn't as commonly asked as I would have thought).

    I've backed up some games to a SDHC card as well as a USB drive and have no trouble selecting which one I want when CFG first loads up; however, if I'm browsing games on the SDHC card and want to view what I have on USB, the fastest way I've found to do this is to:

    Hit (1), go to System, choose Device, hit Right/Left, then hit A.

    Secondly, I have my USB formatted in NTFS. Since the SDHC card is formatted as FAT32, I get an error when switching devices "Partition: Fat1 not found! Select a different partition". I then have to hit A twice to select the correct partition (both devices only have one partition). I realize formatting the USB drive to FAT32 will solve this portion of the matter, but since I'm very limited on storage space to move/format/restore I want to see if I can get around it.

    While this all is quite easy for me to understand and deal with, my girlfriend isn't so lucky.

    In summary: Is there a faster way to switch devices (or, rather, get the games backed up on my devices to show up) with less user input? "I just want to see all the games on all devices I can choose from without pressing a bunch of buttons!" Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: If this sort of thing isn't possible with CFG, can one of the other loaders support it? It seems like such a simple concept, but after digging around and doing research on the various loaders I can't seem to really find any documentation on it.
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