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Thread: Help running Donkey Kong CR on a chipped 3.2U Wii.

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    Help running Donkey Kong CR on a chipped 3.2U Wii.


    I recently bought a pirated copy of DKCR for the Wii, for my girlfriend's brother. We are all fans of the old games and wanted to try the new one.

    He has a chipped Wii, running sys version 3.2U. When we first tried to run the game we got a black screen. So I googled a bit, and landed on your forum. After some searching and reading, I got to this thread.

    Now, I'm a total newbie when it comes to the Wii, since I never owned one, so it is pretty confusing for me. What I understood from that post, since the wii is hardmoded (a chipped wii is hardmoded right?), it seems like I needed to download IOS56-64-v5662, and install it using MMM via de Homebrew channel.

    So I did that and now instead of getting a black screen, I got a black screen with some black text saying something along the lines of "
    Disk could not be read, please eject the game and turn the power off".

    I googled that error as well and some forums pointed at being a faulty disk. So we downloaded the game from another source and burned it. And we got the same error on screen.

    From what I read in some places the game is for sys versions over 4.3, but I'm not sure. As I don't have the Wii available for me to test stuff over and over (and I wouldn't want to brick something that's not mine), I came here for help. I'm kind of lost as of what I'm doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Have a look Here and Here.


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