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Thread: Reformatted Wii and can't mod with letterbomb. Haven't had this happen before.

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    Reformatted Wii and can't mod with letterbomb. Haven't had this happen before.

    I've had my Wii modded for a few years now and only once have I ever slipped up. When v4.3 u came out my Wii had undergone an accidental update. I originally used Twilight Princess when I first got it but letterbomb worked fine to correct the upside down homebrew channel I was encountering.

    After some time passes everything seems to be working fine. Until one fateful morning when I open my homebrew channel and everything I try to load from it goes into a black screen with a bunch of code saying code dump and exception dsi Occurred... I try to reload everything and reinstall the homebrew channel with the update it started nagging me about.

    Once I tried to update the homebrew channel it would give me the same error screen and messages: Code Dump and Exception occurred. I tried it again and it appeared to work until the disclaimer screen appeared and it froze just after pushing the 1 button on my controller.

    Trying this a multitude of times I became frustrated and uninstalled the homebrew channel hoping to just send the letter bomb to my Wii again.

    Letterbomb sent just fine but the same problem; freezing after pushing 1

    I reformatted my sd card; "A 2gb sandisk mini sd in a sandisk adapter" to fat32 and didn't use the quick format function.I put the private folder and boot.elf file on the card inserted it and went through a few more failed attempts at loading the homebrew channel.

    Finally after trying to send letterbomb to my Wii one last time, It didn't work. Nothing showed up in my inbox and all previous letterbombs sent were gone.

    Angered, I reluctantly backed up what save files I could and reformatted my Wii. Bye bye ssbb, animal crossing, and Monster Hunter

    After reformating I still receive no letterbomb. (Also Made Sure a memo was in the inbox) I'm not sure if the back up save files on the sd card have something to do with the problem. I thought as long as the boot file and private folder were on the card everything should work fine. Should I try one of the disk based hacks for 4.3u or does anyone know of something I'm missing? I'm thoroughly at a loss with this one.

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    Try a normal sd card not a mini.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IBe6UBe9 View Post
    Try a normal sd card not a mini.
    That's what I thought too. Still waiting for my shipment to come in on that. I've read other posts stating the best SD card for the job is a 1-2 GB Sandisk non HC. For a lot of them this seemed to work.
    I was just a little confused because I couldn't wrap my head around how the SD card would play a factor in the letterbomb not even showing up in my inbox. I'm not a programmer or a coder and don't have extensive knowledge of the dynamics of how letterbomb actually works. I only know I hit a button and transfer a file and it either works or it doesn't.
    Clearly, this suggestion has worked for others. I can only hope it will also work for me.
    Thanks for the tip though

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    Yeah, my gut says that your SD card went kaput (hey, it happens), but the Letterbomb issue is just strange. I would try a connection test and make sure it's actually connected to the interwebz.

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    Yeah its connecting fine and I now have a brand new san disk 2gb sd card. Still can't get letter bomb to show up? Super weird, seeing as how this will be the third time I've used it on this Wii. It worked flawlessly both times before.

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    Did you check the date and time on your Wii after formatting?

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    Yeah. Date and time are all correct. This is truly baffling. It wouldn't have anything to do with the Wii connect 24, would it? Mine is on right now, I can experiment and turn it off, see what happens... So I got the letterbomb to show up! My computer and my wii both said they were connected to the internet. I did a quick power cycle and that seemed to kick everything back into place. Now it just freezes when I try to press 1 at the disclaimer screen. I made sure I was using an original controller not a motion plus one. Also if anyone has any idea where I can get some save states for games once I do get this up and running; In a fit of passionate rage I formatted the card in my sd reader, not realizing I still had the card with all my wii games saves on it. This is quickly becoming one of the most frustrating tasks I've ever endured
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    Try to reformat your card with this tool
    Password is
    Your alternative would be to try one of the other game-based 4.3 exploits out there. I still keep lego indy around just incase please.hackmii ever goes down.


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    That was going to be my last ditch effort. I kind of thought it might come to that after all the woes I've experienced thus far. I've never had the desire to play any of the Lego games. I don't know why. Since I know a few of them work with the 4.3u update which one would you say has the best replay value. If I have to own it, I might as well enjoy it.

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    I would imagine Bluphant is implying he keeps Lego Indiana Jones for the exploit, he is not suggesting a game for you to play.

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