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Thread: Usb Loader gx 3.0 freeze at install game

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    Usb Loader gx 3.0 freeze at install game

    i couldn't get the usb loader gx 3.0 to work on v249 it would just freeze at initialize usb device. Now i got it to work by formatting my hard drive to FAT32 using usb loader 3.0 v222. The new problem is it load slow and i couldnt get it to install new game it would freeze.

    also i got the latest d2x-v9-beta(r49) for ciso 249[56] 250[57]

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    Sounds like an incompatible drive. Whats the make and model?

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    Western Digital WD300BB-00AUA1 i got another hard drive Samsung SpinPoint V40 SV6003H on NTSC format. I tested it without formatting to fat32 because i got some stuff on there. It still give me the same problem. Im now testing it with USB to MicroSD 4GB using usb loader gx 249 and it work.

    None of the hard drive i tested have work. Only
    USB to MicroSD 4GB work
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