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Thread: USB port on Wii is unable to read USB; HELP!!

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    USB port on Wii is unable to read USB; HELP!!

    So.. I accidentally kicked my Wii while trying to get the phone and then Wiiflow (playing MKWii) turns off or something.. So I was wondering if I broke the USB port or something and if I can replace it for a low cost. Please help!!

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    More info on this please, what happens when starting wiiflow ? Have you made sure you connected the USB in the correct USB slot ? Does the USB ports look broken anything snapped ?

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    Can you load up homebrew channel? If you can, then try this:
    1) find the "apps" package for wiixplorer if you don't have it installed already.
    2) install it to your sd card
    3) boot up your homebrew channel
    4) load wiixplorer
    5) click the left top corner icon to browse a new drive. If a usb drive pops up then you're ok

    Try this link:
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