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Thread: reclaim posts that seem to have disappeared

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    reclaim posts that seem to have disappeared

    Is there any way to get back posts not approved by moderators? Either to find out why not approved or at least to not have to retype everything.

    I ask because several times now I have typed a post and then seen the message basically saying that it will be visible once approved by a moderator.
    Two of those times that post was never seen again and I'm not sure why. I know there wasn't anything offensive in either of them. My best guess is that I may have asked in the wrong forum, but in that case I would like to recover what was in the post if possible to not have to type out all my specs again.
    My alternative guess is maybe I took so long to type it that the site auto-disconnected me but the review by admin message shouldn't have shown up if that was the case, right?

    I already tried to look in profile under my posts and neither missing post shows up there.

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    What part of the forum did you type it in, if you typed it in a certain part of the forum it gets auto moderated until approved etc

    I'm sure one of the moderators would fix this for you and move it to the correct location

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    I have approved both of the posts you mentioned. Sorry for the delay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmarlo View Post
    I have approved both of the posts you mentioned. Sorry for the delay.
    Thank you very much

    I got kind of scared when I couldn't find any mention of the posts in my profile. Guess I figured if they were still awaiting approval profile would have said something like "2 posts awaiting moderator approval" or at least something to indicate they still existed. Happy to hear it was only a delay.


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