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Thread: SSBB Disck Exploits Problems

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    SSBB Disck Exploits Problems

    Hi there, I'm trying to instal HackMii according to this guide:

    And well... I got everything ready, my Wii is a 4.3U, the SD is a microSD card from Sandisk(and is not a SDHC card).

    The steps are:

    -Load SSBB , with sd-card removed, make a save file if asked
    -Go to the stage builder, delete all custom stages found, exit the stage builder
    -Exit all the way back to the main SSBB menu
    -Insert SD-CARD, Go back to the stage builder
    HackMii Installer loads

    The problem is that I do all of them and nothing happens =/
    Is the data in the SD suposed to be on a File called "Smash-Stack_Hackmii_1.1.0"?
    Or shoud it be just "private" and "boot.elf" in it?

    I go al the way but nothing happens =(

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    just replace your SDCARD to SANDISK or TOSHIBA ORIGINAL.... i had the same problem as yours before after replacing from a 4gig toshiba to 2 gig toshiba it all went smoothly to hackmii loader...

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    make sure its not ang SDHC.. coz this doesnt work...

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    Im pretty sure it is not... I'll try to buy a new one...


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