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Thread: Question about an old Nintendo game?

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    Question about an old Nintendo game?

    In Mario 2, you can get cherries....What are they for? If you get a certain amount, what happens?

    I found my ancient nintendo system and have been playing all my old games....

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    nothing really cherries and food is only for extra points

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    oh I love all the old school games!! they just bring back the best memories!!

    As for the cherries... I think they are just a bonus for ur score. I could be wrong though, it's been a long long time!! U might want to check out Nintendo website. they have brought back a bunch of old games for the Wii so they might have something on there for u. Also is a great site for walk throughs and cheats. Maybe it will have a walk through for u!! Good Luck!!

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    um do you really care that much .. i love nitendo though !


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