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Thread: help getting "project M" (forBrawl) to work with softmodded wii

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    help getting "project M" (forBrawl) to work with softmodded wii

    I recently entered this site and went through the softmod any wii guide.
    Now I want to get project M to work on my wii. It is essentially a modification to Smash Brawl. I tried using the homebrew doanload but couldn't get it to work.
    I saw that riivolution is needed for SD drives>2gb and mine is a PNY 8GB so I am trying to use that as well as the homebrew download thing unzipped to my SD.
    I am looking for help from anyone that used project M in the past and know some details how to get this to work.

    I asked here instead of their site because they say
    "Additionally, the Project M team does not support any modification to the Wii system, and encourages users to use the "Hackless" method of loading."

    I need help with details like whether riivolution needs to stay in a folder or the insides should be dumped onto the drive root, and similar questions for other parts as well as which download from their site would be best to get the mod to work.
    I realize this is probably too much to ask someone that never used it to figure out how to do for me but I am hoping someone that used project M before already figured all this out and can give advice.

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    Never mind, I got it to work now.
    In case someone has the same problem the solution was:
    1) Use the demo installer on the project M website and install the riivolution file onto the SD card (only this is needed).
    2) Open riivolution in the homebrew channel, install it, and then launch with the brawl disc in the wii.
    3) Play the game
    P.S. have to install riivolution only the first time but need to launch it out of homebrew every time to play the game

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    i don't suggest that you use any of these codes,it took me a very long time to get the hang of how these codes work,it really did,and in the end it messes up some part of your wii or something,I'm not really sure what,but let me tell you my story.....after i installed a couple of character hacks and stage hacks,i then installed riivolution as a channel and i would most likely play brawl daily through riivolution,and then one time i decided to play brawl without using the hacks and stuff,(without loading riivolution)and when i was at the stage select screen,the game froze and made this infinite beeeeeeping sound that was sooo annoying without me even doing anything,i was like wtf O.o??What scared me was that i didd't have riivolution loaded that time,and later on i just decided to delete riivo and all the hacks off my sd card and my brawl disc went back to normal,if you dont believe me go google some riivo problems with brawl,its as if riivo loaded by itself that time and caused some corruption in the game or something,well to say this all short...i really don't suggest you to put this riivolution crap on your sd card or it will cause you problems trust me bro...


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