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Thread: question about softmod any wii guide - shop channel

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    question about softmod any wii guide - shop channel

    I was reading the softmod any wii guide on this site and it said

    Download (If you have not updated this channel since Sept. 2010, you need this! If you are unsure, it doesnt hurt to do it)

    Do I need this if I have no intention of using the shop channel?
    My wii is not connected to internet and I am not sure it ever will be thus I have no use for the shop channel, unless it somehow is useful to making other things like the usbloader work.
    kind of don't want to waste SD card space for stuff I will never use

    Another question about guide
    It says to format SD card and gives a program to do so, does it matter if I use their program or its fine as long as formatted to FAT32 with 32kb. P.S. I already used it to do other softmod stuff like install HBC and dop-mii and a prev usbloader so wii does read and use it fine in past.

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    If you do not have internet and you are not going to be using the shop channel , then you really won't need it.
    You can install it at any point when you decide you are going to use it.

    You can use your program to format your sd card , but we recommend using the tool that is provided in the guide.
    It does a thorough job , when it comes to formatting the Sd Card.

    Any question's that has to do with one of the Guide's, you can ask it in that Guide.
    This is my fault I should have specified.
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