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Thread: Moving beyond the basic guide, a few questions..

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    Moving beyond the basic guide, a few questions..

    I've read and followed the softmod/hack any wii thread, and it's working beautifully for me - lots of games with nice covers playing off a wbfs folder on a FAT32 hard drive.

    Now I'd like to get gamecube and wiiware/VC games wiiflowing too, but the dios mios 2.0 and the wiiflow nand emulation guide have some new installations:

    d2x-v7-final for the Wiiflow Nand guide, d2x v8 base 56 for the Dios Mios 2.0 guide.

    Could somebody direct me as to what steps to follow in installed the d2x wads to get these features without screwing up my Wii?

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    If you recently followed the ANY Wii guide you already have the required d2x versions.


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