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Thread: Picture of D2E epoxy install

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    Picture of D2E epoxy install

    Here's a picture of what the epoxy removal looks like using paint stripper. Took me about 40 minutes but it could be done faster (but why rush).

    I have also attached the picture of the install.
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    Well it would be nice for some people to see (who have not done epoxy). I know I really appreciated any pics when I was starting. It also shows how clean a paint stripper removal can be.

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    That is much appreicated! Thanks! I just got my wiikey2 and triwing screwdriver in the mail today, only to open up my wii and find the dreaded epoxy. I have to admit I'm nervous doing the epoxy remover thing, but seeing these pics is totally reassuring. And I've come to far now to turn back!
    So, using paint thinner on a circuit board has no risk of damage then?

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    I would not use paint thinner if I were you. Paint thinner is like water and runny and you might get it all over the place. I used a chemical called circa 1850. Others use Nitromors.

    It doesn't matter what you use but it should be for removing laquer/epoxy/paint from wood materials. You can ask the person at the store and they will be able to help you out. Any paint stripper should work just read the back and make sure it says epoxy on it too. The paint stripper is thick so it is easier to dab with a cue tip and not run off.

    It should be fine for your drive but you don't really get very much on it. If you dab it and let is soak in before removing it with a toothpick then you don't even get very much on the board. Don't do the process fast and get the stuff everywhere, it will take some time. Once you have revealed the points then just use a damp cue tip to soak the remains up.

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    Thanks for the reply! I meant to say paint stripper. lol.
    anywho, i have a wiikey 2 with a wiiclip, presoldered. If im gonna use the wiiclip, am i going to need to get rid of ALL that epoxy for it to mount properly?
    Is that realistic?
    Thanks again.

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    It is realistic yes but be prepared to take some time. There have been people who have cleaned all of the epoxy using paint stripper and succesfully installed clips.

    Just go slowly and make sure you get every last bit of it. The toothpick is nice because the epoxy swells up a bit and just scrapes right away once you are near the board (in your case the pins as well).

    Let us know how it works.

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    Thnaks for the reply. I bought Circa 1850 today, as you suggested. Wish me luck and patience!

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    I have always used ZIP Strip. You can find it at just about any hardware store. Will not damage electronics and is non-conductive. Its in a yellow can with black writing.

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    Is that to say I should worry that this Circa 1850 stuff might damage electronics and/or might be conductive?

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