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Thread: What should I buy? A Nintendo Wii, PS3, or a Xbox 360 Elite version?

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    What should I buy? A Nintendo Wii, PS3, or a Xbox 360 Elite version?

    They are all good consoles. I do not know which one to choose? I mean the wii is the cheapest and it is for the whole family but the PS3 is the most expensive (600 dollars) but it comes with Blue-Ray and the games have great graphics. The Xbob 360 Elite version has good graphics and great games. I just do not know which one to choose?

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    i hate nintendo, gamecube, ds, and wii, they all suk, get a ps3 or 360. doom and splinter cel and grand theft auto! nintendos bin havin bad graphics..tho i do love the 64

    im too broke, so im waitin a couple years, 360 is pretty sweet, i'd say

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    i would get a xbox 360 elite version

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    A few months ago, there was a report on the Nintendo wii system. A woman threw her controller through the screen of her television while playing the bowling game. This proves that the wii system is so much fun that people forget what they are doing because all they're thinking about is the game. Nintendo has 10+ years of producing video games on Sony and 15+ years on Microsoft. Plus, their games are just plain more fun.

    Save your money and get the wii system.

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    My friend has a PS3 and I go over and play it all the time. IT IS UNBEFREAKINLEAVABLE! You can websurf, talk to people, play unbelievably clear games, movies, pix, music, and much more. The graphics are just plain insane! It is totally worth every dollar you save up for it. You can even download awsome free games, videos, and movie trailers if you have a WIFI connection. I've had the same predicimant such as every other serious gamer, but the PS3 is just a must buy. Hope this info was helpfull and you save up for this absolutely amazing system!

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    Depends what your into, I woudl reccommend a 360 or a Wii right now since the PS3 doesn't have a good library of games yet.

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    We Have A Ps3 And It Is Great!!! The Games Are Good And Its Has Great Graphics!! We Also Have The Nintendo Wii And Its Fun But Its Just Not As Real As The Ps3. If You Have The Money, I Say Go For The Ps3. Oh, Also My Son Has Played The Xbox 360 And He Said He Likes The Ps3 A Lot More.

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    definitely ps3 cuz they come out wit better games. but xbox seem to be coming out with more hardcore games like halo and gear of war .....

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    Even though I don't have one, I'd recommend the Xbox 360 mainly because it had a huge lead on games compared to the other consoles. There's a lot of great game on the 360 and few and far between on the others ones. I have both a PS3 and Wii and I'm happy with both. I very much enjoyed Resistance: Fall of Man and Elder Scrolls lV: Oblivion and on the Wii you can't beat The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Paper Mario. I think it could also be a matter of what games you'd like to play, go with the system that has those game. I hope this helps.

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    Whatever you do, don't get a PS3. No games and it's way too expensive. Even the Gameboy advance is outselling that huge pile of garbage.

    The 360 has massive reliability problems. If you want one, wait until the fall when the new chip comes out.

    I would go with the Wii. It's the best selling system by far and has the best lineup of current and future games.

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