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Thread: System updates and Wiikey 2

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    System updates and Wiikey 2

    I have a wiikey 2 installed in my wii and my current firmware is 3.3U. is there any issues with wiikey 2 on the latest firmware or should I avoid updating my wii? I want to update my wii so I can use animal crossing and wiispeak.

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    uhh, you can or cant, you got the bad thing =P

    3.3 = fakesign games blocked
    3.4 = "auto updates"

    you can downgrade and do 20 or so things, or just upgrade

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    sorry but you're confusing me lol, I don't want to brick my wii and I still want to keep playing my backups, which direction should i take?

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    -.-;; how was that confusing....

    all that would be different is you get "auto updates" now so its either update or do 20 or so steps and downgrade i doubt its worth it

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    im sorry, just wasn't clear if you were saying one was better than the other. Thanks

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    he's saying you can either downgrade and do everything manually. Or upgrade and everything does it's self.
    Are you just playing backups or are you going to be messing with homebrew as well?

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    he doesnt care according to post 1 and he can do the same exact thing =P

    though 50% say AC = 3.3
    50% say AC = 3.4

    reguardless there is ios 38

    in the end just update less effort

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    yeah i use homebrew alot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagis_dream View Post
    yeah i use homebrew alot
    -.- you know you should mention this things, they KINDA MAKE A OMFG HUGE DIFFERENCE!

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    Just downgrade to 3.2u. Installing homebrew with (or without the wiikey2) is very easy. I did mine in about 15 minutes using a 2 gig sd card and the instructions from this site.

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