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Thread: Wii stuck at Health and Safety screen... NO MODS

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    Wii stuck at Health and Safety screen... NO MODS

    Hello, I am a new user to this forum and I decided to ask for help here because I don't really know where else to go.

    I am having trouble with my Wii, it seems to get stuck at the "Health and Safety" screen with no A button for me to press. Any google searches I do on this topic just lead back to modding sites, so I just decided to ask on one of them. I have no mods nor have I ever attempted to install any, but now I'm regretting I didn't since I could have probably fixed it by now. Is there anything I can do to fix my Wii?

    P.S: I have checked to see if the WiiMote is syncing, no problem there.

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    try maintence plus minus and a button at same time and hold until it appears.enter a channel and go out.and try entering messega board if it says still maintence mode i dont know.send it to Nintendo.
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    Didn't work. Tried calling Nintendo, pretty much called me a liar saying the only way that happens is with unauthorized software. At least with unauthorized software I don't have to pay 85$ to fix it..

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    85?! U could buy a new wii for that price.


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