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Thread: Jump drive instead of a hard drive

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    Jump drive instead of a hard drive

    I performed the 'no disk' hack for my wii 4.3 project. Can I format and use a jump drive instead of a hard drive to put my iso files on? I am a total novice in case this sounds like a stupid question. Thanks for any help

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    If by Jump drive you mean flash drive, then sure. There is no difference except the flash drive is solid state. The only reason we suggest using a hard drive is because you can fit more on it.

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    Thanks very much Anteara

    hmm, can't seem to create two separate partitions, allocate a letter for each, and enable both, on a usb flash drive. What am I missing?
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    Ummmm, there's a slight problem with flash drive ummmm... partitioning... It's 'flipping' technique, which I've tried, has... very little to no effect on a wii... Ummm, if you read this then you might have some luck, but from what I've gathered, the flipping only works on the pc you flipped it on. Partition USB Flash Drives Btw, might i ask what is the purpose of the dual/multipartitioning?

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    Tbh why go with a Flash/jump at all? a 64GB Flash drive is close to the cost of a 500GB HDD lol. You might as well drop the extra money and get a HDD. Unless you have less than 10 games or so, or you just wanna test out compatibility.


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