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Thread: Games to Hard Drive/Play DVD-R into WII. QUESTIONS?

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    Games to Hard Drive/Play DVD-R into WII. QUESTIONS?

    Hello i have modified my wii. I can now use the USB for the Hard Drive with games. But now I want to play DVD-R Burned games to my wii. THe reason is because i downloaded some ISO and i'm not able to open them. All of them they required some kind of password it is encrypted. But i can burn them. Is there a application that i can use to play to .ISO

    I'm kind of new to this so please let me know. I will search for any threads...

    thank you

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    You downloaded some Iso ? Do own the originals to them iso's ?

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    I suggest instead of downloading the iso, you use a usb loader to install the game to your hard drive, take that image it creates, and then burn it to a disc.

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    are you sure you D/L it in .ISO format. A lot of times it says it's an ISO but it has to be unzipped correctly.

    But yes, like peire said, You're better off ripping the actual game you own than d/l it because you look a lot like you're pirating.

    Clean rip is a good program to do this.

    But really...why on earth would you need a burned copy? Games in a USB loader look better than burnable media by far lol.

    GC games are the only reason you'd really need one, as the technology for putting on HDD is still not up to par.

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    This thread wreaks of piracy, which we do not support here. Take a read of the forum rules.

    Thread Closed.

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